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Successful content marketing is very involved work. If you don’t already have an in-house team, you will need to hire or assign a content marketing strategist, a writer, a graphic designer, art director, and allocate time away from core of your business functions to develop content for lead generation.

Then you have to develop articles, buy traffic to your articles, pay for promotions, then wait and hope to develop an audience that is receptive to your content.

WE ARE YOUR EXTERNAL CONTENT MARKETING TEAM community has a traffic generating blog, with lots of great articles, devoted readership, targeted audience through SEM keywords, and can bring you leads through content marketing services tailored for results and growth.

What can we offer you?
Quality, relevant, and educational content on community blog website, promoted in search engines, social networks, and newsletter email marketing to attract the right audience who are your potential clients, can HELP YOU BRING IN GOOD LEADS WITH GOOD CONVERSION RATES

Content Research & Development (including images/graphics)
Article writing and publishing (including narrative, benefits, & value content)
Article promotion in social networks (all major relevant social media networks)
Article promotion in community blog (
Article promotion in newsletter emails sent out (up to 1,000 emails per month)
Viral marketing and SocialBookmarking
10 Content posts per month (external posting, including blogs and review sites)
Community display ad (Ad view minimum 1,000 impressions/mo)
Price: No terms contract, no cancellation fee, no hidden fees, month-to-month service

$2,500 /mo (all inclusive, as above)

Additional service description …

We research valuable content, develop a narrative, graphics, images – so you don’t have to.You focus on your core business functions, we do the content marketing for you.
content writing
We write an article, add content and your website URL, and post it in our community blog website.We develop ad banners and place them in your article, and our community blog.
content writing
We publish & promote the article, along with description of your services & website URL.You save time and money spent on in-house content marketing staff and tasks.
content writing
We promote the article that describes the services that you provide with a link to your website. We track reaction to the article and make revisions as necessary.
content writing
We research and embed best keywords that improve SEO linked back to your website. We promote the article and content with viral marketing.
content writing
We distribute the article (including your service description & business info) in social media platforms to increase reach.We do SocialBookmarking promotion for the article and the content, including your service description.
content writing
We pay for guest posts on other blogs to increase SEO to the article and hence to your product/service offering. We reach out to influencers in our community and social networks to promote and increase exposure.
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