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Earn Big Money With Empower Pioneers Affiliate Program


Refer ADVERTISERS to EmpowerPioneers.com website and earn from $250 to $1,500 commission. Also, every AFFILIATE gets a ONE-TIME $250 ADDITIONAL commission for their first sale. That means if you sale a $1,000 Ad Space product, as your first sale, you will EARN $500.


After 60 days, you can make up to $1,500 per enterprise advertiser signup. That is $1,500 per sale.

Join us today to grow your income with one of the best supportive teams for affiliate marketers and a leading Business & Marketing Blog communities.



What scripts could I use to promote your Ad Space Products to my audience, or publish on my website(s) or online, or cold calling?


PRINT/TEXT SCRIPT (can be used in any print medium, including Craigslist)

TITLE:Get Leads For Your Business Fast and Affordably

Hi. My name is ________.

I want to introduce you to one of the best business portal websites online that can bring visitors to your website with convincing native ads, banner ads, sponsored posts, interviews, article posts, and listings.

It is called EmpowerPioneers.com, an online portal for business professionals, startup entrepreneurs, investors and business pioneers.

If you are looking to advertise your products to this targeted audience, we can help you with
well-designed, affordable, and convincing ads.

Contact EmpoerPioneers.com today to promote your products and services and win the hearts and minds of business owners, entrepreneurs and online professionals.

(Link the CONTACT above to your Affiliate Link).



Hi. My name is ________. I would like to tell you about how advertising your products or services on EmpowerPioneers.com can help your business, generate traffic, leads, and sales.

EmpoerPioneers.com is an online community blog driven to support entrepreneurs, business owners, new startups, and those that are looking for marketing guides and latest profitable business ideas.

How much are you spending for online ads on Google or Bing or Social Media right now?

EmpoerPioneers.com offers a $1,000 Ad Space on the Blog Website for 10,000 impressions. Having your product or service advertised on EmpowerPioneers.com website community blog, exposes your product to an engaged audience of business people that find the medium credible, as oppose to search engine advertising. The key to this successful effective advertising, is the audience engagement. It is 3 times more effective that non-engaging search engine display ads.

Let me send you to the ADVERTISE WITH US page that describes everything in more detail. It is right on the website, and you can click on that page from to top menu bar, at the top of the page.



You can use all the images provided at the bottom of this page.


How do I check my statistics to see how I am doing? 

After you have signed up and been accepted into the program, you will be able to log-in to your Affiliate account and see your sales and commission results.


Who are POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS on EmpowerPioneers.com community website? 

  • E-commerce companies & website owners
  • Fulfillment companies
  • Wholesalers
  • Online suppliers
  • Business services companies
  • Online distributors
  • Online marketing consultants
  • Social media consultants and services companies
  • Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/LinkedIn promoters and marketing consultants
  • Online marketing agencies
  • SEO business services
  • Marketing APP and landing page web developers


What should I do if I need additional images, banner ad designs, or other marketing support graphics? 

After your first sale, we are happy to provide you with additional help for marketing graphics and creative. Contact your Affiliate Manager at EmpowerPioneers.com for assistance.


Do you pay commission on ALL PRODUCTS, and WHEN will I get paid after a sale? 

All products sales are subject to availability. Some products are not available until AUCTION season, which can vary, but there will be advance notice posted on this page. Payment for all sales will be made AFTER 60 DAYS of the sale date, this is to ensure that cancellations are refunded, if applicable. Contact your affiliate manager at EmpowerPioneers.com to discuss this in more detail, if you need to.


What is the EmpowerPioneers.com monthly Website traffic?








YES INDEED, You Can Earn Big Money With Empower Pioneers Affiliate Program

Join us today to grow your income with one of the best supportive teams for affiliate marketers and a leading Business & Marketing Blog communities.



Why Partner With Empower Pioneers

Once you sign up and are approved for our affiliate program, you can promote Empower Pioneers anywhere on your website(s) via our referral link or ready made banners. You save time and money on creation of ad contents and graphics and you can start earning right away. See below for more details and sample banners.

Incredible Commissions

Receive minimum $250 per referral and up to $1,500 per enterprise advertiser referral, with no commission caps, no obligations or minimum commitments per month or per year. PLUS the more referrals you drive through the program, the higher your commission tier can go. If you refer 10 advertisers to sign up for advertising on Empower Pioneers, you get a dedicated account manager that will assist you with growing your income and helping you earn as much as you want by driving referrals to our program. See below.

Dedicated Account Manager

Empower Pioneers will provide you with a dedicated account manager after you refer 10 advertisers through our affiliate program. He/she will provide you with unique strategies to help you grow your income and increase your website's ad visibility and even help you with promotions on your website's marketing strategies. You will have access to an affiliate expert who understands what your business is and how best to help you grow your goals and income objectives.

Leading Industry Tracking Technology

Our affiliate dashboard offers a comprehensive look at your affiliate details, including your earnings, payment, and more.

Linking Is Made Easy

Once you log into your affiliate dashboard, you get your hyperlink and can use this to link TEXT or the AD BANNERS or AD IMAGES (below) to Empower Pioneers website.


Sample Banners and Ad Graphics


  • Banner Ads


  • Native Ads


  • Banner Ads Website


  • Banner Ads Business Marketing Blog Website Advertising


  • Ads Business Marketing Blog Website Advertising


  • Business Marketing Blog Website Advertising


  • Banner Ads Business Marketing Blog Advertising
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