content marketing lead generation
  • We can help you reach visitors on our website each month
  • And, we can promote your products/services or your business to other business owners/visitors (B2B) or B2C
  • We help you with lead generation through content/brand marketing and database building
  • we can promote your product/services on our newsletters to our members

More than 74% of businesses are now using content marketing to generate leads for their businesses, increase sales, improve conversion ratio, and build up a prospecting database, while incorporating their content marketing into a long-term effective brand marketing. Content marketing is now regarding as the PRESENT and the FUTURE of marketing, and hence many people now just call content marketing, simply MARKETING.

But is it WORKING for every business?

Just because content marketing works great, and it is very popular with prospects and customers, and that it is the most effective with lowest cost among others, doesn’t mean every business owner knows how to utilize it correctly and make it effective for their business.

YOU are not seeing the RESULTS you want for your business?

We can help you with this …

An effective content marketing demands a publishing strategy that takes into account 4 things for your business lead generation and increased conversion ratio:

1. Audience – getting the right people to see your content that promotes your product/business

2. Trust – getting the audience seeing your content have trust in your expertise/knowledge and hence offering

3. Gain – getting your audience to gain knowledge and learn from your expertise on the subject/products

4. Brand – getting people to remember you and think of you as a significant provider of the product/service

We help you …

1. Generate Leads

2. Increase Sales

3. Improve Conversion Ratio

4. Build Prospecting Database

Why choose as your content marketing service provider?

We research valuable content, develop a narrative, graphics, images – so you don’t have to.You focus on your core business functions, we do the content marketing for you.
content writing
We write an article, add content and your website URL, and post it in our community blog website.We develop ad banners and place them in your article, and our community blog.
content writing
We publish & promote the article, along with description of your services & website URL.You save time and money spent on in-house content marketing staff and tasks.
content writing
We promote the article that describes the services that you provide with a link to your website. We track reaction to the article and make revisions as necessary.
content writing
We research and embed best keywords that improve SEO linked back to your website. We promote the article and content with viral marketing.
content writing
We distribute the article (including your service description & business info) in social media platforms to increase reach.We do SocialBookmarking promotion for the article and the content, including your service description.
content writing
We pay for guest posts on other blogs to increase SEO to the article and hence to your product/service offering. We reach out to influencers in our community and social networks to promote and increase exposure.

Content Research & Development Content Research & Development
Article writing and publishing Article writing and publishing
Article promotion in social networks Article promotion in social networks
Article promotion in community blog Article promotion in community blog
Article promotion in newsletter email
(up to 1,000 emails per month)
Article promotion in newsletter email
(up to 5,000 emails per month)
Viral marketing and SocialBookmarking Viral marketing and SocialBookmarking
10 Content posts per month 50 Brand posts per month
Community display ad
(Ad view 1,000 impressions/mo)
Community display ad
(Ad view 5,000 impressions/mo)
Price: No terms contract, no cancellation fee,
no hidden fees, month-to-month service
Price: No terms contract, no cancellation fee,
no hidden fees, month-to-month service
$2,500 /mo (all inclusive, as above)
additional information
$5,000 /mo (all inclusive, as above)
additional information

What do people say about CONTENT MARKETING with :

  • Josh Landon, Exec. VP,
  • 5.0 Reviews review submitted, May 26th, 2024
  • Our promotional article:
  • Empower Pioneers provided us with a very cost effective full-on content marketing service that included everything for us. We know that our success depends on getting our company in front of our target audience, but this is often very time consuming, AND can be very expensive to pay for a writer to write articles, a promoter to promote your articles, a social media person that promotes your business all over the Internet, in the social networks where our customers can be found. And, to manage all of this, research and establish a direction, and execute and track results … that‘s lots of work we did not have time for. But we just never had the time to do all this. This is a one-stop shop for us, we get to truly assess the results, we are already very happy with results, and we can manage a single relationship that is responsible and we can work with. This has been great for us. I am happy to provide these comments.

  • Christina Albert, CEO,
  • 5.0 Reviews review submitted, May 24th, 2024
  • Our promotional article:
  • Here at Valley Internet, we provide server management services and we are predominantly technical professionals that don’t have the necessary skill set to do all the marketing that is demanded of us these days, with social media content development and posting, blogging, viral marketing, influencer marketing, and so on. To hire a professional to manage this for us here in Denver, CO was just too expensive and even then we have to provide a budget to develop content and prepare and post the content for an effective marketing campaign. With EP, it just was easy, too easy, to have them do it all for us for an affordable price that makes it much easier to outsource our media marketing content development and promotional management. Thank you Gilbert for helping us with this.

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