Are you ready for the next BIG THING: The bright blue ocean of opportunity is 5G

Are you ready for the next BIG THING: The bright blue ocean of opportunity is 5G

May 27th, 2024

Venture Capitalists don’t often ask for what they want. They wait for something to come to them and ask for help so they can get a good deal, good investment terms, and often a great rate of return. How they invest is by using other investors’ money in high-return, high-risk projects and when some of these fail, they get the assets of those failed ones and put it into the high-return low-risk projects which they themselves had invested in for a while. That way they get their investments get fresh technology and assets for high return, but very little injection of cash and assets.

Until now. Now they are literally beginning to receive offers for investments in 5G products and networks. Why?

The 5G opportunity is estimated more than anything before it, more than e-commerce, more than he Internet, more than B2B and B3C combined.

The 5G is on track to reach $17 trillion, latest forecast by 2035. Some say this is even too low.

Even the President of U.S. wanted to nationalize this, dubbed as the greatest arrivals in technology since the Internet. Others see this as the greatest “new wealth-building opportunity” of the 2020-2029 decade. It dwarfs dot-com and Bitcoin and S&P stocks, and even e-commerce.

Washington Post declared 5G, “the mother of invention”. It is a giant blue ocean that can change our lives and society forever.

It is regarding as “an enabling technology”, which means that it will enable products, services, and ways of doing things that will change our lives and how we live and work.

In every way 5G can help make cities run better. For instance, in San Diego new smart lighting systems were installed that automatically dim when no one’s nearby, saving the city $2 million a year. Also, in Pittsburgh, replacing 36,000 streetlights with LEDs that contain sensors to monitor air quality and adjust as necessary. South Bend installed sensors inside manholes to redirect water flow when sewer levels are too high, and in San Francisco, gunshot-detecting microphones were installed in high crime neighborhoods that resulted in 35% decrease in incidents where shots were fired.

Cities can upgrade current infrastructure to run on 5G to handle data from millions of sensors and devices which can help make the cities much more efficient, safe, and save money doing so and the sensors themselves are cheap, last a long time, and use very little energy. Cities can them intelligently monitor and manage traffic flow, public safety, public utilities, air quality, power use, and so much more.

Isn’t that all an investment that offer tremendous benefits and hence profitability?

 In a publication by leading authority Accenture Strategy Report, it was predicted that 5G networks could help cities save $160 billion.

But cities are only one place were 5G can help make thing efficient and save money.

There are 5G sensors that are referred to as “location beacons” which can help monitor and hence transform the way goods move from inventory through shipping and delivery, in fact the entire industrial value-chain from concept, design, and prototype all the way to manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping and delivery to the end-user or customer.

5G allows industries that need to track goods to track much more efficiently and cost effectively. In fact by 2025, 600 million objects will be tracked for manufacturing and shipping and delivery.

In every aspect of our lives 5G can help improve things and make it more efficient and more profitable. In precision agriculture, 5G sensors and devices can track and monitor soil sensors and airborne cameras and irrigation sensor devices to identify crop disease while reacting instantly by determining when the water and pesticide usage can be varied, or reduced to ab absolute minimum, to protect crop.

Factories can use 5G to implement networked robots to automate chemical processing and other dangerous and/or repetitive jobs and still have a remote monitoring controlled by humans.

What makes 5G an ocean of opportunities is the fact that there are ways that it could be used which we are not even aware of: the unknown, unknowns.

From telemedicine, life sciences, healthcare services, driver-less taxies and cars, traffic avoidance systems, better utilization of current infrastructure, truck delivery navigation without a driver, to office colleagues working together almost “side-by-side” remotely from different states, virtual rooms, virtual sports participation, and so much more.

Fast networks like 5G can support any infrastructure that needs millisecond-level latencies, i.e. fast delivery of data, in a protected environment, for a fast decision making process to make instant changes for better utilization and safety.

Now that is a blue ocean of opportunities.

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