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Digital Calendars: Gets You Organized, Motivates, Inspires, AND is low-cost and easy to use

May 24th, 2024

Digital Calendars help people get organized, some even help inspire with daily motivational quotes or word-of-the-day, and are very easy to use (unlike Microsoft products or other software tools that need to be installed and configured on PCs or Smartphone).

Most importantly, many digital calendars on the market are very low cost and often last a long time. The cost range from $40 for low-features ones and all the way to $250 or so for high-end fancy ones with lots of bells and whistles.

There are even large digital wall-calendars that go for as much as $499. Of course, the high-end ones become a little more difficult to use and you will have a steep learning curve when trying to learn all the features and initially set up your preferences.

Digital Calendars and Ergonomics

They come in all shapes and sizes, square or rounded edges, free-standing next to your bed to remind you in the morning, ones for breakfast room or kitchen, and even magnetic ones that stick to your fridge.

The high-end expensive ones come with a planner, which offers features for you to record and remind yourself about details ideas and thoughts you may have, as well as goal tracker, project organizer, health and fitness tracker, shopping list, budget planner and reminder. Some even come with a dream board, which is a great ‘toy’ to play with. These digital calendars get a bit expensive, are harder to learn to use, and are not always worth the cost.

One feature ALL people seem to want: Daily Messages. Be it a motivational quote, or an inspirational and/or spiritual message, or even a reminder of something that you have recorded in the past.

There are many different features available in so many different digital calendars, BUT what most people want comes down to: a carefully designed device that is aesthetically pleasing, visually large-enough, and adequately functional. While offering the combination of style and functionality, the digital calendar lovers who use these devices in their everyday lives, want their unit to be personal (in other words: offer something that is unique and personal to their lifestyle choices).

Why a Digital Calendar?

Digital calendars are the most basic of all human sense-making devices.

Calendars are primarily responsible for creating “task structure” through which nearly all societies, social institutions, and social groups introduce and manage orderliness.

Actually, the first item printed by Gutenberg was a calendar––an almanac: a program of future events or a record of past events, each assigned to a day or year.

Really, a digital calendar? Even when you have a smartphone?

Yes, people want to be more organized, and indeed, they want a device that helps them (or remind them) of all aspects of their life choices and reminds them to achieve the things that are most important to them.

But do not underestimate how much users expect effortless use of the device, and menu navigation that is well designed for ease-of-use. Smartphones are not ergonomically usable, i.e. not large screen on display and resting on the desk, bed side table, or fridge door.

Digital calendars are used, BECAUSE they are simple and effortless (unlike many other gadgets like smartphones, PCs, or the software they come with, like Outlook).

If these devices become too cumbersome to use, then users will not fall in love with them and will not get hooked to depend on them.

One of the most easiest to use and yet functional and low-cost digital calendars in the market is DigiCalendar.

Electronically flips to the next day and is always a reminder:

  • No need to ever touch the device as Motion Sensor triggers On/Off
  • Includes Time/Clock with Alarm
  • Thousands of Unique Pictures/Messages change automatically every day
  • Digital Calendar programmed for the next 50 years
  • Display cities of the world
  • Display pictures of dogs or cats
  • Thousands of the most popular biblical verses change automatically each day

Digital Calendars: in the kitchen, bedroom, or home office?

Well, we can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where everyone stops in search of a drink or a snack.

In that kitchen, the humble fridge is ideal for a digital calendar keeping families connected, allowing household members to share important information and coordinate their schedules.

But we’re in the digital age now, and advancing technology has changed many aspects of our lives, like so many others. The home office could be the place that needs a digital calendar to organize what events the family do together.

According to a 2018 ECAL (Calendar Communications Platform) survey, at least 70 percent of respondents use a digital calendar in their daily lives. This number has only increased since then.

For busy families who need to stay connected, transitioning to a digital calendar can make a huge difference in staying informed and organized.

Have you got a Digital Calendar for a loved one, last Christmas?

If not, then put it in your list for next Christmas.

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