Online courses can help professionals become certified and fill the nearly 12 million vacant positions

Online courses can help professionals become certified and fill the nearly 12 million current vacant positions

July 22nd, 2024

In July 2022, there were 11.24 million vacant position for the single month, nearly double the total pool of available workers for that month, which stood at 5.67 million for the month. There are so many good paying jobs, with great potential for a worthwhile career, but too few trained individuals available to fill these positions.

So, what are your choices? Go back to college and spend lots of money for a 4-year degree? No. There may be better options. Online courses for job training with certification.

Online courses

There are 1000s of educational institutes offering vocational and professional courses with certification. There are also many colleges and universities in U.S. that offer several fully online degrees and certificates, as well as distance learning online courses, Z-courses online, and live online classroom participation courses.

Online courses are convenient, offer flexibility (nighttime or weekend study without commuting), bring education right to your home where you can spend time with family or young children while studying, giving you real world skills that are sought after in the 21st century digital economy.

free online courses for vocational and job training

Online vocational courses

In fact, there are a wide range of online courses, from trade and vocational courses to specialist management training courses, e.g. the very popular Auto Finance & Insurance course (F&I Manager Training) offered by the highly respected Auto Dealer Institute (ADI) in Arizona. According to NADA (The National Automobile Dealers Association) F&I Managers have average salaries of about $143K per year and have a huge career growth potential as dealerships are moving towards latest trends in Internet sales and F&I programs.

Online vocational courses

Free online courses

In addition, there are also many free online courses, often referred to as preparatory online courses to prepare students for higher education and vocational courses.

There are many institutions that offer fee online courses, including: Harvard University, University of California in Irvine, Georgia Institute of Technology, École Polytechnique, Michigan State University, California Institute of the Arts, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, UCL (University College London), and others.

Online courses most in demand

Online courses most in demand

Online courses that offer professional certification and vocational training for high paying jobs are the ones that are most in demand.

Professional job training and certification with job placement assistance provide excellent avenues for developing your skillset and showing your future employer that you are highly knowledgeable and current with the trends of the industry. These online courses can help you demonstrate your interests and potential to prospective employers while building your profile for lucrative job positions. You also demonstrate that you are willing to grow, adapt, learn and prepare for modern workplaces. This makes you a very ideal candidate for a vacant position.

The most in demand online courses, currently, include: marketing services, advanced sales utilizing digital economy, data sciences used for analytics and market forecast, investment services, artificial intelligence and machine learning, business data intelligence, cloud computing, software and full-stack development, manufacturing systems, and others.

Top Trending Online Courses

The most popular and trending course topics cover a wide spectrum of training and industries.
Some can be oriented towards professional careers, designed to update skills for older workers or those who have been out of work for some time or even Veterans that are being assimilated back to civilian lifestyle. Other courses are designed to supplement knowledge, offering additional study for developing skill set for a particular job, such as advanced training for a certification exam.

Top Trending Online Courses

Specifically, the most popular trending online courses include: business and campaign data analytics, operational management and data visualization, statistics, predictive marketing analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, Machine Learning (ML) programming, automotive finance manager training, business analytics intelligence for business operations support, video marketing specialists, content marketing specialist, software development, cloud computing, project management, computer systems analyst, IT Coordinator, network administrator, systems architect, web developer, cybersecurity and blockchain, network security, cryptocurrency, and a wide range of digital marketing courses.

Online courses and professional courses with certifications have many advantages. They can help you demonstrate your devotion to your new career as well as your skills.

Both allow you to gain credibility in the eyes of future employers.

Additionally, you are essentially enhancing your technical knowledge and up-skilling, qualifying for senior-level jobs, learning the latest trends, and acquiring hands-on training from experienced and qualified instructors. In many cases, you also get job placement assistance.

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