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Estimated $250m Domain Name may be the result of a $10T forecast for Tesla’s RoboTaxis

June 17th, 2024

Everyday there is some latest news on how the traditional taxi industry is slowly being replaced by automakers like Tesla, and tech giants like Google’s alphabet, looking for a quick way to monetize self-driving and autonomous car technology. Venture capital firms and mutual fund managers are constantly suggesting that “Taxi Driver” will definitely be replaced by robots and there is so much money to be made in this new industry, apparently.

No wonder why the owner of got a $6m offer just out of the blue, to sell the domain name.

Now the domain name is being put up for auction, and its promoters and/or other pundits are suggesting that it could fetch as much as $250 million. Ouch.

Domain name prices keep skyrocketing, especially premium domain names.

What makes this domain name so valuable?

The fact that it is one of the 9 words that is recognizable in almost every language in the world, is one main reason of course. It is a universal word. It is recognized everywhere. The high prices paid for domain names, is most often due to fact that it can catapult your website ahead of millions of others when used as a great assets for branding without having to spend so much money for marketing.

An easy to remember domain name, or a phrase or word people search for often, can help a company save incredible amount of money in marketing and branding, like a new product, a new social network, a new mobile app, a new consumer product, a new business or a new idea. That is why domains names are becoming so expensive.

The price of a domain name has a direct correlation with its branding, marketability, retention value, and ultimately how much it could save in marketing and advertising Dollars and how quickly it could allow product launch and return on investment. All of these are calculated into the final price of the domain name.

In the case of, an industry that has been around for more than 100 years worldwide, it is still going strong with new companies joining in, e.g. Uber and Lyft. Nowadays automakers and tech giants are looking at demand for comfort, reliability and efficiency and translating this into futuristic designs in both eco-friendly vehicles that are offering new features while able to cope with modern issues such as pollution and accessibility.

This is transforming the taxi industry in the coming years, with hundreds of millions of Dollars being invested in R&D and technology assessment and adoption. Robotics is being used with GPS satellite technology to make “RoboTaxis” of the future which are estimated to be among the next big money makers, estimated at $10 trillion Dollars, currently.

RoboTaxis and other autonomous cars are already growing in popularity, especially after COVID, and Google’s self-driving cars, are being planned along with car manufacturers like Ford, BMW, AUDI, Jaguar and Land Rover – all expecting to field autonomous cars or taxis using the latest technology on public roads soon.

I simply have one question:

Who bought domain name?

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