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Latest Trends & Market Data 2021 – Content Marketing

June 19th, 2024

Successful online marketers constantly evaluate the latest statistics about digital marketing, effective campaign strategies, and latest user preferences and metrics. These data allow marketers to save money (often quite dramatically) and focus their effort and energy, as well as their budget, on effective methods, platforms, technologies, and user behavior studies.

We know how important such data is to our community members and website users. So we bring you, as often as we can, the latest digital marketing data, a comprehensive review of online user/customer behavior and trends which together make the business case for investment in effective marketing that allow you to benchmark your business growth and performance against your competitors.

Here’s the latest trends and market analysis stats:

Top B2B content marketing strategies: Blog advertising or guest posting, 84%; eNewsletters, 83%; Articles on your website, 81%. (Source: Content Marketing stats 2021)

Almost 64% of marketers say “blogging is their top content marketing priority”, since blogging is still one of the strongest forms of getting traffic and leads. And it is still growing as a number of blogs emerging with advertising performances that are rising compared to search engine ads. (Source: U.S. Digital Marketing 2021).

You can expect about 67% more leads every month if your brand has presence in a blog, compared to ones that don’t. (Source: Responsify, 2021)

The outbound selling strategy (i.e. cold calling and emailing without providing a blog informational posts and articles) only has a 2.5% success rate. (Source: Keller Research Center, 2021)

71% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, (including informational posts/articles, guides, tips, and eBooks) to help improve their campaigning and promotional marketing. (Source: Hubspot 2020)

78% of companies have a team of one-to-three content specialists, (producing informational guides, white papers, eBooks. blog posts, guest articles, etc.) to promote lead generation and sales. (Source: SEMrush, 2019)

86% of companies produce blog content (posts/articles) for content marketing, compared to other types of promotion. (Source: SEMrush, 2019)

As of 2021, a survey of bloggers found that 79% of respondents always checked the analytics of their blog posts. (Source: Statista, 2020)

Marketing spending is expected to grow by 14% in 2022. More targeting will be done through blog posts and articles. (Source: Deloitte, 2021)

87% of content marketers say that content marketing strategy has increased traffic to their website. (Source: Wyzowl, 2020)

The most successful marketers spend 40% of their total marketing budget on content marketing and blogging audiences. The average for all respondents is 26%. (Source: Content Marketing stats 2021)

70% of Internet users want to learn about products through content marketing vs. traditional advertisements. (Source: Statista 2021)

60% of marketers produce at lease one piece of content each day. (Source: Statista 2021)

Seasoned online marketers see content marketing as an indispensable and leading strategy in their marketing. Their goal is to use content marketing techniques to create and share relevant written, downloadable, and visual media so their target audience can learn about their brand, expertise, and products or services.

You cannot ignore the cost effectiveness and the incredible ROI achieved through content marketing if you want to succeed with your online marketing.

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